Care Journeys with Care IO

CARE IO is an innovative SAAS platform built from ground-up using the latest technology. It overcomes architectural bottlenecks, data silos, proprietary formats of decades old and traditional software systems.

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Care IO platform
Simplified Care Coordination

CARE IO's sole purpose is to simplify interoperability, and exchange of clinical data and documents. It effectively handles complex workflow orchestration, cross-enterprise data exchange and B2B/B2C interactions via its SAAS platform that is built on top of the FHIR standard.

The platform via its robust and scalable features brings payers, providers, hospitals, health systems and patients together to avail numerous vertical use cases such as: Diagnostic Image Exchanges, Cloud Faxing, Document Exchange, Single Version of Truth, Single Source of Truth, Clinical data exchange, Referrals and Appointments, Secure Messaging, Provider/Patient portals, AI/ML on Clinical data/Documents, OCR, IOT, Actionable Insights and Analytics dashboards etc. to name a few.

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